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Reset Pack - Personal Fable

Reset Pack - Personal Fable

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Reset Pack incudes:

  • 1 myco bag of pasteurized custom blend substrate 2 pounds (Dehydrated elephant and horse manure, vermiculite, gypsum.)
  • 1 quart jar (1 pound) of sterilized organics red corn with filter patch and injection port. (Jars are 3/4 full to leave room for gas exchange.)
  • 2 alcohol pads
  • 2 pair of disposable gloves
  • 2.7 oz spray bottle of Distilled water 
  • 1 oz spray bottle 99% Isopropyl alcohol
  • 1 black liner
  • 1 STM Sticker
                     This fits the Personal Fable Kits.

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