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Product?: Everything
How did it perform? : Beautiful humans that care
Awesome Awesome

The best ever!!!

The Personal Fable
Product?: Jmf
How did it perform? : My second try is in second stage. The first try did not enoculate the substrate
The personal fable

I have not been successful yet

Product?: Reset kits
How did it perform? : Great.
Great Products

I’ve been satisfied with every purchase.

Product?: Ryberries
How did it perform? : Arrived real fast
Top shelf

Had no problem with the grain took the LC right away I've already got one tub pinning

Product?: Pre Poured Agar Plates
How did it perform? : It'd be better if they included parafilm for each plate, the sellers I use now all do this and it's son convenient
Agar Plates

Took longer than expected to recieve them, but they are good plates and worked as expected with no contamination.

Product?: Sterilized grain and substrate
How did it perform? : Will definitely buy again.
Sterilized grain and substrate worked perfectly

Great product.

Product?: Grain jars and substrate
How did it perform? : Recommend
Clean and quick!

The grain jars substrate filled in quickly with zero signs of contamination. Just waiting on pinning to start. Recommend

Product?: Two Personal Fable and a refill
How did it perform? : Highly recommend
Makes it easy

STM provides a great product and could not make it easier for you. Found STM through the DGC now I’m a loyal customer.

Product?: Personal Fable kit
How did it perform? : Go for it. You'll be glad you did.
Easy for beginners

I was stopping by to place my second order and realized that I never left a review for my first order. Allow me to correct that oversight now: I ordered my first kit a little over a year ago and got great results. Time to do it again!

Product?: Sterilized Jars of Grain
How did it perform? : I'm very satisfied with this product and also with the great responses when ever I have questions about something. This product is affordably priced, and I will continue to keep ordering these grain jars for my future grows!

Grain jars

The Personal Fable
Product?: The Personal Fable
How did it perform? : It’s so easy!
Pleasant surprise!

I can’t keep a basic house plant alive (bc I overwater everything) so I was hesitant to even give The Personal Fable an attempt…BUT! The instructions and access to everything you need to grow your own medicine is right here! All you need to do is follow the steps and send some good vibes out. I’m in a 500 sq ft apartment. Did everything in my kitchen and used a small closet for the steps that need to be dark. I keep my place around 70 but there are swings in temp here so never needed to add water. Currently, on my second flush and couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much STM for making medicine so accessible and digestible (good pun **pats on back 😂)

The Personal Fable
Kenneth Clevenger
Product?: Fable grow kit
How did it perform? : Scam! $10 of product for $100. Smh
A rip off

You charged me $100 for a plastic shoebox and 2lbs of dirt. You should be ashamed of yourself. But you suckered me into buying guess I'm a sucka too!

Hey Kenneth,
I am sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your product. I am unsure how I may have tricked you into purchasing anything, as my site has a very detailed description on what is included in my kits. The pasteurized manure blend is sold in two pound increments as well as 5 pounds, if you wish to do a larger cultivation.
Have a great day,

Product?: Personal fable
How did it perform? : How fast can I get a replacement jar of grain and how much will it cost?
Grain is nasty

I opened up my personal fable today to inoculate the grain and the rye berries had a big black mass of fungus growing on them. I kept the jar inside the box in a spare closet at about 65 degrees. Kinda bummed out because I can't start now.

Hey Bret,
Thank you for letting me know about your contamination in the grain jar. There is no cost at all for me to ship you out a new jar. I hope your new one got to you & you are starting your inoculation process! I'm sorry for the delay in that.
Please reach out if you have any further issues or concerns.

Product?: The Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Thank you again y’all make amazing products and have great energy!

Such a great kit! I had always wanted to start but was so overwhelmed by all the info out on the interwebs…this kit made starting so easy! Fast delivery and filled with comprehensive instructions. So grateful to have found Sacred Three and started this journey in such a positive and easy way! <3

The Personal Fable
Franko Bastone III
Product?: Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Amazing product and company.
Personal Fable

Great product. Going smoothly so far. Highly recommended.

Product?: The Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Exactly what I was looking for, a nearly fool-proof kit with stellar customer service.
Personal Fable - great starter kit

Wonderfully complete grow kit with everything needed to get to a harvest, this was exactly what I was looking for as a brand new grower. Simplicity of things makes this nearly fool-proof. I'm sure with some time I can be the fool to mess it up. Amazing, friendly, and super helpful customer service. Have already recommended to a friend and expect I will recommend it to others.

Product?: Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Thanks for the spores
One word awesome

Everything worked flawlessly. I did not follow the directions very well and folded my liner. Still all worked great and I harvested my first flush. Thanks for the great kit and the great genetics.

The Personal Fable
Tony Reichle
Product?: I purchased 2 whole kits.
How did it perform? : Will be a repeat customer
Couldn’t be more satisfied

Great products and services

Product?: Fable kit
How did it perform? : Great purchase!

All of the products from STM is top notch and I yield amazing results each time! A repeat buyer!!

Product?: 5lb sub
How did it perform? : Awesome
5lbs substrate

Best products ever!!! This company is the best!! Would recommend to everyone

Product?: Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Great products and customer service
The only place you need to order from

I have been ordering from sacred three for a few months now. Great product great quality great shipping and loads of knowledge. Sacred Three is the only place I will order my mycology supplies.

Product?: The Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Amazing
Best kit around, especially for newcomers

This kit is everything one would need to start growing some little fruits. I had a succesful first harvest and ordered another kit! Customer for life.

The Personal Fable
Lorraine Jones
Product?: Personal fable kit
So easy

What a great product! I was feeling overwhelmed by all I saw online. This kit makes it sooooo easy!

Product?: Yes
How did it perform? : Great customer service
Great customer service

He answered my emails very quickly and was very knowledgeable.

Product?: The Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Easy to follow directions, everything sprouted quick. Growth was much more vigorous than any other kit/grow bag
Everything you need in one kit!

Great kit, has everything you need to grow.

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