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Product?: STM Pack
How did it perform? : You guys are doing a great job 👍
Awesome !

They are awesome. Come through even when the “man” holds up the first one. Fantastic Quality

Product?: Grain jar
How did it perform? : Good quality
Perfection in a jar

Perfect as was as 123

Product?: Personal fable and fruity spores
How did it perform? : Everything has been great!
Almost harvest time

The whole process has been seamless and I’m realizing it really is all about genetics and am loving what I’m seeing!!!

Product?: Grain jars
How did it perform? : So far so good with inoculation process

2 Sterilized Jars of Grain

Product?: The Kit
How did it perform? : Great product
Nice and Sterile

Was great. And easy

Product?: personal fable kit
How did it perform? : i personally think the bins DO NEED holes for fae, without it got too humid and not enough evap
So easy!

So far its been so easy, still dont have any pins but im confident i will!

Product?: Grain and substrate
How did it perform? : I will be ordering again. I tend to wait for the sales
Just as it should

Everything is rolling right along. Thanks for help

Product?: Rye berries and substrate
How did it perform? : Trash
Don’t buy

Don’t buy, every single time I tried to use this product, it’s contaminated. Don’t waste your money.

Product?: Personal Fable
How did it perform? : 💙💞💙💚
Awesome results

Awesome product

The Personal Fable
Jonathan Henderson

The Personal Fable

The Personal Fable
Anthony Buchanan
Product?: Personal fable
How did it perform? : ✌️
Great thought.

Personal fable

Product?: The mushroom grow kit and rest pack --Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Would definitely buy again
Fulfilled my expectations

STM has been responsive, supportive and essentially do what they say and a bit more. I have contacted them with questions and they were definitely there to help

Product?: Personal fable reset
How did it perform? : Will buy again
Top notch

Great product. Great customer service.

Product?: All products
How did it perform? : Thank you T ....DGC4LIFE
Great product

Great product, clean, but where they shine is the customer service. The staff cares and it shows. A++ customer service.

Product?: Personal Fable
How did it perform? : Excellent product
Personal Fable

Super easy and very productive. First few flushes gave me enough for a few months microdosing.

The Personal Fable
Abigail Carli
Product?: The personal fable
How did it perform? : Will be returning in the future!

Absolutely amazing! Came quick, loved the stickers, was everything I needed. Perfection!

The Personal Fable
Douglas Felland
Product?: 2 personal fables
How did it perform? : will definitely be a repeat customer for sure
2 personal fables

Could not be happier with the product purchased. Thank you very much to lady hypae and to sacred three mushroom for such an amazing product

2 Pounds Pasteurized Custom Blend Substrate

Product?: MYCO induction heater
How did it perform? : Wonderful product.
The induction coil is awesome

I bought this for my scientist biologist wife for our mushroom farm and she is so happy with the safety and sterilization of her agar plates now. Perfect addition for her technique. Great product.

10 Agar Plates
Product?: 10 agar plates
How did it perform? : Just overall awesome!
The gift that keeps on giving

I’m somewhat of a “lazy” person when it comes to making my own agar, in all reality it’s because I’m messy and I get frustrated. So I ordered the 10 agar plates to give them a try… when I say I have never NEVER!!! Witness agar being colonized at what can only be described as the speed of light! Usually there is a 10-14 day period so I thought “oh I have time to prep” boy was I wrong! I checked two days later to see that it started colonizing 4 days later the plate was fully colonized and very strong and healthy! It colonized so fast I had to rapidly move it to the fridge to slow the process down! I wasn’t even ready!
But honestly if you’re like me and are messy and don’t want to pour your agar everywhere trying to get it in Petri dishes do yourself a favor and order these!

The Personal Fable
Product?: The personal fable
How did it perform? : Excellent videos and instructions!

The Personal Fable

10 Agar Plates

Absolutely love this product. You can tell they take care and what they do. Thank you.

The Personal Fable
Lee Dickens

This product started my mushroom journey

Product?: 2 Sterilized grain jars.
How did it perform? : Will buy again. Wonderful service.
Great product

No problems.

The Personal Fable
Blake Mosberger
Product?: Personal fable. Jack frost. Mazatapec.
How did it perform? : Great product.
A1 product

Everything is exactly as described and ready to roll right out of the box. Instructions are very simple and clear. Customer service is top notch. Will buy again.